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What is App Reskinning?
Reskinning refers to modifying an app’s appearance while keeping the underlying code unchanged. It allows developers to create multiple apps with similar functionality but different visual styles.

Process of Reskin App Source Code:
Source Code: Start with an existing app’s source code (usually purchased or obtained from open-source repositories).
Design Changes: Modify the app’s graphics, including icons, splash screens, and UI elements.
Branding: Customize the app’s look and feel to match a specific brand or theme.
Localization: Adapt the app for different languages or regions.
Testing: Ensure that the reskinned app works correctly.
Publishing: Release the new version on app stores.

Benefits of Reskin Java, Flutter or Swift App Source Code:
Time-Saving: Reusing existing code reduces development time.
Cost-Effective: Avoid building everything from scratch.
Lower Risk: Existing code has already been tested.
Quick Market Entry: Get your app to market faster.

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